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This is the final episode before we take a short break for Christmas! In this episode we reviewed the awesome NXT Takeover R Evolution event and the not-so-awesome TLC ppv. We also had some good things to say about a match that might have been a little under appreciated from Lucha Underground! Then we had Jaime Martinez from Renegade Wrestling Radio on as a special guest co-host to talk about NJPW’s upcoming Wrestle Kingdom 9 ppv! Happy Holidays!


Podcasts New episode with Rob Barnes interview, Final Battle Review and TLC and NXT Previews!


This week’s episode is jam packed with ppv coverage! We reviewed last weekend’s ROH Final Battle ppv! It was a great show and we enjoyed watching it! We also previewed the NXT Takeover R Evolution and WWE TLC ppvs! We gave our predictions and our anticipation levels for both events in classic HWR fashion! We also discussed the news about CM Punk joining UFC and Del Rio winning the AAA title belt! We didn’t forget about our listener interaction portion with our #AnswerHWR responses! Last be certainly not least, we interviewed ROW super star Rob Barnes! This is a good episode, so make sure you listen… BITCH!



Podcasts New episode with Tony Brooklyn interview and plenty of CM Punk and Vince discussions online now!


What a crazy week in the world of wrestling! Hope everybody enjoyed the Thanksgiving weekend! We sure did with the news that CM Punk finally broke his silence regarding his departure from WWE on the Colt Cabana Art of Wrestling podcast! Then after RAW, Vince McMahnon was a guest on the Steve Austin podcast! In this episode, we give our reactions to both interviews! It made form some lively discussions among the HWR crew! We also briefly previewed the ROH Final Battle ppv and quickly touched on Lucha Underground, NXT and TNA. After all that, we had a tell-all interview of our own! Tony Brooklyn, former part-owner of the NWA and promoter of the now former “NWA Houston” promotion joined us to discuss what happened to cause him to leave the NWA, the re-branding to LoneStar Championship Wrestling, his partnering with Clutch City Productions and the future for him and his promotion! This was a good week for wrestling podcasts and ours was no different! This is a must listen episode!



Podcasts New episode with Survivor Series and RAW review now online!


We hope everyone is having an awesome Thanksgiving week! We decided to have a “short” episode this week. We reviewed Survivor Series and the RAW after. Then we had brief chatter about NXT, TNA and Lucha Underground! It might have been a smaller episode, but good things still come in small packages, right Chris?


Podcasts New weekly episode is online! Survivor Series preview and a new MOTY Candidate!


Here is this week’s main weekly show! It’s a little late because we released a special edition episode for our #HWRRoadTrip to ROH’s Glory By Honor XIII in San Antonio. This episode is business as usual with our predictions for Survivor Series, a look at TNA, NXT and we might have even found another Match of The Year Candidate from Lucha Underground! Also, there is some interesting things afoot in the local indie scene that we touched on! And if you’re a fan of our silly homemade commercials, there is a very special one, for a very special item in this episode!


Podcasts Special Edition #HWRRoadTrip episode is now online!


This weekend we had another #HWRRoadTrip to San Antonio for ROH’s Glory By Honor XIII! We had an awesome time there and we documented our trip with this special edition podcast! ROH really hooked us up with some fantastic interviews: WarMachine (Hanson and Raymond Rowe), The Kingdom (Adam Cole, Taven, Mike Bennett and Maria), Frankie Kazarian and ACH!!! All of the interviews were awesome and we got some great stories on tape from these guys! Also, we had some of our friends/listeners chime in and give their oponion on the show. And of course we gave our rundown of the show as well. Big thanks go out to ROH for working with us on this one!


Podcasts New huge episode with Mike Bennett interview now online!


This was a jam-packed show! We are falling more and more in love with Lucha Underground and we spent quite a bit of time on that again this week! TNA made a couple waves and match of the week candidates, too! We then made a stop at the NXT Neighborhood and talked about the dropped ball with the Finn Balor debut. SmackDown was a decent show, according to Travis. We talked all about the forming of Team Cena and Team Authority! After that, Abel and Travis briefly discussed the ROW show they attended this past weekend! Oh and right in the middle of all of this we had on ROH star Mike Bennett! This weekend Ring of Honor’s Glory By Honor XII¬†event will be taking place in San Antonio and they were gracious enough to grant us another interview with one of their top guys! Mike was a great guest and Abel had fun talking to him! We can’t wait for this weekend’s #HWRRoadTrip to SA!


Podcasts New episode with Lucha Underground and almost 4 hr RAW review!


This week WWE decided that a 3 hr RAW wasn’t enough and had the show continue on the WWE Network. That led us to discussing all the woes of the Network to date. It wasn’t pretty. We rushed through NXT and TNA talk so we would have time to discuss the big thing of the week: The debut of Lucha Underground! Overall, we liked the show! There were a few nits to pick but it was the first time in a long time that all three of us were excited for something new! We also answered a few of our #AskHWR questions! Thanks for the questions and keep sending them in!




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Podcasts New episode with HIAC and RAW after review now online!


This week, we talked about the ending to WWE’s Hell In A Cell ppv with Bray Wyatt’s return, Ryback’s return and the overall feeling coming out of the ppv and RAW this week! We also got to your #AnswerHWR responses and touched briefly on TNA, NXT and NWA Houston!