Podcasts Our 100th episode is now online! Thank you for getting us here! Join the celebration!


Well, here it is folks! Our 100th episode! It’s been an awesome ride so far! In this episode we got a special surprise phone call from our unofficial 4th co-host! Then we tried to “rapid fire” our way though the week of WWE, NXT and TNA so that we could get to all of the questions you, the HWR loyal fans, provided on social media! We had some great questions from you guys and it made for a great change of pace! While answering questions, we would take breaks and play classic clips from past episodes! Thank you for supporting us and getting us to 100! Enjoy the show and join in our celebration!


Podcasts We had a “Season Premiere” episode too! Listen now!


This week TNA held it’s ground and WWE improved with it’s “Season Premiere” episode of RAW. We examined both Impact and RAW fully. Although we enjoyed RAW, we did have some fun at the expense of the “Season Premiere” title of the show and the ongoing $9.99 campaign! After all that, we previewed NXT Takeover 2! We are very excited for this show and can’t wat to see it! Also, we mentioned some very exciting things going on in the Texas indie wrestling scene this month! Next week is #HWR100! So don’t forget to send in your questions and discussion topics!


Podcasts New episode now online. Man, it was a rough week!


On this week’s episode we we impressed yet again by a match TNA’s programming. However, there was still plenty for us to dislike! Same goes for WWE programming. Maybe even more so! The booking of Cena, the terrible plot-lines with the Brie/Nikki story and the desperate plea for mainstream media attention with the Michael Sam “invitation” all left bad tastes in our mouths! If you were frustrated with this week’s WWE product, you were not alone!


Podcasts You know what, a new episode is online!


You know what, this week was a step down from last. But, you know what, both TNA and WWE put on shows that we less that expected. You know what, TNA still had a few bright spots. and you know what, we discussed those along with the low points. Then, you know what, during the WWE talk, Abel really got worked up over Cena’s booking from this week’s RAW. You know what, we also talked about Nikki’s use of the phrase “you know what!” You know what, this was a good episode!


Podcasts SummerSlam and RAW Review and David “Super” Duperon Interview!


SummerSlam was better than expected and we had an interesting RAW after! We talked all about our new WWE Wold Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar, the great matches with Ambrose and Rollins and the ongoing drama with wrestler formerly known as Alberto Del Rio. After that, we touched on yet another good episode of TNA Impact and we discuss their new tv time slot! After that, we had a great special guest!, the number one contender for the NWA North American Heavyweight Title, David “Super” Duperon!¬†


Podcasts More TNA NYC tapings review and full SummerSlam preview!


This week we had another great episode of Impact from the TNA ¬†tapings from New York! But then, we did not have that great of a show from WWE RAW. It just does not feel like the week of the 2nd biggest show of the year. We discussed the whole SummerSlam card, gave our predictions and anticipation levels for the event. We also touched on the Del Rio firing news, Slater’s “win streak” and Kevin Steen.


Podcasts Great online wrestling entertainment for less than $9.99 in the new podcast episode!


This week we were treated again to another great episode of Impact! We might have even added a Match Of The Year Candidate from it! Also, we revisited last week’s Cena vs Cesaro match. This week’s RAW didn’t get as high of praises but at least we know that we can go on to the WWE Network for a mere $9.99 and watch something we do like. For example, some of the great SummerSlam matches of years past! Also, NWA Houston was this past weekend and Abel gave a little review of that. We broke the news of Travis and Chris’ new podcast, Pop Culture Rewind, and Abel’s new podcast gig, NWA Ringside Radio! Good stuff on the horizon for the HWR Crew!


Podcasts The Royal Prince Kanu has ordered a new episode of HWR to be posted!


What a jam-packed week of wrestling! We had good news and bad news come out of TNA, WWE came to town for RAW, ROW had it’s first ippv and NWA Houston is having a show this weekend! It was a great week for us and we had plenty to talk about; so we were very excited for this week’s show! Especially because we FINALLY got to have NWA wrestler Hambone in-studio! We were having a great time talking to him and listening to his crazy stories when we were interrupted by The Royal Warrior, Prince Kanu! Kanu took over the interview and it got pretty tense there for a little while! But after Kanu and Hambone took their leave, we were able to bring the show back to normal and discuss all things sports and entertainment from this past week!

KanuPose KanuHamboneInterview KanuBeating

Podcasts New episode with The Brothers Lockhart interview, TNA NYC, WWE Battleground and RAW review online!


This weekend is Reality Of Wrestling’s huge ippv event, Summer of Champions! To help promote the event we were granted an interview with the ROW tag champs, Erik and Andrew, The Brothers Lockhart! It was a great interview and we talked aobut their opponents for this weekend, getting trained by Greg Gagne and Booker T and finding out ways to tell them apart in the ring! In other words, we were educated in way to Know Your Lockhart! After the interview, we talked about the first TNA Impact episode that was taped in NYC! It was pretty good and we’re optimistic for TNA’s short term future! Then we reviewed WWE’s Battleground ppv and the great RAW episode on Monday! Plenty of good Brock Lesnar talk in there!


Podcasts Ladies of HWR 2 Special Edition episode is now online!


That’s right, folks! Right before our WWE Battleground viewing party, the ladies decided to throw down another great girls-only edition of the show! Randi, Lisa, Nancy, Bacon and Porsche all had a great time talking about the then-upcoming ppv, women wrestler’s gimmicks and their favorite CM Punk memories! Good stuff here!