Podcasts Ladies of HWR 2 Special Edition episode is now online!


That’s right, folks! Right before our WWE Battleground viewing party, the ladies decided to throw down another great girls-only edition of the show! Randi, Lisa, Nancy, Bacon and Porsche all had a great time talking about the then-upcoming ppv, women wrestler’s gimmicks and their favorite CM Punk memories! Good stuff here!


Podcasts Clutch City Productions SuperShow 2 review and Battleground preview in this new episode!


We had a great time this weekend at the Clutch City Productions SuperShow 2! We talked all about the convention and the wrestlers we met and just how awesome the show was! We also briefly discussed the CFW CoastalMania VI event that occurred after the convention. After that, we did our predictions for this weekend’s WWE Battleground event and we read off the listener-submitted predictions as well. Then finally, we touched on the Kenta signing and the Sting 2K15 reveal!


Podcasts New episode whit Victoria/Tara/Lisa Marie Varon interview now online!


This week, in preparation for the Clutch City Productions Super Show 2/ CWF CoastalMania VI, we interviewed Lisa Maria Varon, aka Tara from TNA aka Victoria from WWE! It was a great interview and we talked about her career, getting into the business, her restaurant and how we’re all still marks at heart and how that is a good thing! We had a great time talking to her! After the interview, we talked about this week’s WWE programming, the Network Free Trial, Santino’s retirement, Emma’s fire/re-hire incident and the Sting rumors! Enjoy!


Podcasts NWA Houston, MITB and Return-RAW review with Houston Texans’ Brennan Williams in new ep!


This week we are joined again by “Friend of Wrestling” #73 Offensive Tackle for your Houston Texans’ Brennan Williams! We talked about our awesome weekend at NWA Houston and watching the MITB ppv! We of course covered all the returns on RAW! We also have a spoiler-heavy talk about TNA in the B-Roll! This was a fun episode to record! We hope you enjoy it!


Podcasts New episode with ROH BITW review and WWE MITB preveiw now online!


This was a good week for wrestling fans and we had plenty to talk about! Abel had a couple things to bring up from this week’s NXT and the we all had things to say about TNA’s big title change. Then, we reviewed the ROH Best In The World ppv! If you are a hardcore ROH fan, you might notice our ignorance of the ROH product but we did share our view they way we, as newbies, saw it! After the commercial break, we broke down the card for WWE’s Money In The Bank ppv and we also got to our #AnswerHWR question. Also, don’t forget, this weekend is NWA Houston!


Podcasts New podcast episode online with very special interview with NWA CEO, Tony Brooklyn


This was a great show this week! Abel went to  Booker T’s ROW and Chris went to TNA’s Slammiversary this weekend and we discussed those events. Also, Travis really enjoyed this week’s SmackDown episode and the boys all watched RAW together and had plenty to comment on! Afterwards, they answered a couple #AskHWR questions which led to a semi- lengthily video game discussion! But all that was the appetizer to the main course; our interview with CEO of the NWA and head promoter for NWA Houston, Tony Brooklyn! We spoke with Tony about the upcoming NWA Houston show and we also talked about NWA on the national and global scale! The NWA has big plans and Tony shared them and his vision for the origination with us! If you have ever been a past or present fan of the NWA, you MUST listen to this episode!


Podcasts We’re joined by “Friend of Wrestling” Brennan Williams on the new episode!


The week the guys went back down to the Great Black Compound and had a nice chat with “Friend of Wrestling” #73 of your Houston Texans, Brennan Williams. We discussed Rollin’s heel turn explanation, the vacated WWE title picture and had a great #PushKeepFire segment! After that we discussed this past weekend’s Doomsday Wrestling event and then did a super quick TNA Slammiversary preview! Also, stick around after the closing of the show for some great B-roll material!


Podcasts New episode with NWA Houston, NXT Takeover, Payback and RAW review is online!


This week we had plenty of good wrestling to sift through! NWA Houston was a great event and a certain match really caught our attention! NXT takeover was a fantastic way to start off the weekend and really put the pressure on WWE to make Payback a better show. And of course, we had to talk about the Seth Rollins Swerve and the title situation with Bryan. We also, got to our #AnswerHWR responses and we’re bringing back #PushKeepFire for next week!


Podcasts Comicpalooza, TNA reveiw, NWA Houston, NXT Takeover and WWE Packback preview and interview with HoustonCarsonall in the new podcast episode!


What a great weekend we had! Comicpalooza was awesome and we kicked off the show with a little review of the event! Then we previewed this weekend’s upcoming NWA Houston show with an interview of number 1 contender for the NWA World Heavyweight title, Houston Carson! After that we had some brief TNA chatter. Then we previewed the NXT Takeover special event and the WWE ppv Payback! It was all capped off by our #AnswerHWR segment! Lots of events live and on tv to keep us wrestling fans busy this week!


Podcasts New episode with special guests Tex Lonestar and Beefy Joe online!


This week we were joined by Tex Lonestar and Beefy Joe of Doomsday Wrestling! We had a great time talking about their upcoming event: Doomsday Wrestling Rise Of The Bunny Boys! After that we had some great discussion about this week’s WWE programming and then got to our #AnswerHWR question. This was a wacky show with some great special guests!