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Podcasts HWR #203 LIVE!! – No Mercy Predictions, Sasha’s Title Win, NXT, TNA/BFG


This week we’re giving our predictions for this weekend’s No Mercy PPV, talking more TNA nes/rumors, Sasha Banks’ title win, NXT’s 2nd annual Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic line-up.

Podcasts HWR #202 – Clash of Champions Review, Cruiserweights, Raw & SD Talk, Lucha, More TNA Rumors!


This week, we giving our thoughts on this past week’s Clash of Champions PPV, thoughts on the cruiserweights, as well as this week’s Raw and Smackdown episodes.  We also cover this week’s episode of Lucha Underground and try to figure out just what Dario is up to.  We then rapid fire ROH’s upcoming PPV this Friday, as well as TNA’s Bound For Glory this Sunday, which could be in some serious trouble of getting to air.

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Podcasts HWR #201 – Cruiserweight Takeover, Clash of Champions Preview, TNA News & Rumors


The gang is back, talking about last week’s historic finale to the CWC and the crowning of the new Cruiserweight Champion, TJ Perkins!  They discuss the two semi-final matches as well as the finale and try to figure out which one was the best.  They also give a rundown of what to expect at Raw’s first ppv since the split, Clash of Champions, and give their anticipations & predictions.  They also go over some interesting news and rumors about TNA and what it come out of it.  Another fun show this week, so check it out and enjoy!

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Podcasts HWR SHOW #200 – 09/14/2016 – A Phenomenal New Champ!


[NOTE: We apologize for the audio issues in this episode.  It clears up after 2 minutes, but it’s not the best audio.  We’ll get it next week!]

In this episode, Abel, Travis, & Chris sit down to discuss WWE’s first Smackdown Live PPV, Backlash!  They go into AJ Style’s win as he becomes the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion, and the fallout of that from Smackdown this week.  There also give their thoughts on Becky Lynch winning the SD Women’s Title (although Harley Bliss stole the show), as well as Heath Slater & Rhyno winning the Tag Team Titles, and what that means for Slater’s current storyline.  They hit a few points on NXT, and then discuss the great matches from CWC this week, leading up the finals.  They wrap up by covering the main event scene over on Raw, which is leading up to Clash of Champions, but are they looking forward to it?  All this and more on this grand 200th episode!  Thanks to all our listeners who’s stuck with us all this time, we greatly appreciate you taking the time to hear us talk about wrestling!
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Podcasts BackLash preview, CM Punk MMA debut talk and more!


In this episode, Abel, Travis & Chris all give their predictions for this Sunday’s Backlash PPV!  They also talk about the main event scene on Raw and try to figure out where Seth Rollins, Kevin Owens, Roman Reigns, Stephanie McMahon & Mick Foley all fit in their roles.  There were some great matches from CWC, and they go into detail about those, which may end up being their picks for MotW.  But before all that, they begin the show by recapping this week’s episode of NXT and notice something’s been wrong with that brand lately.  What is it?  Tune in to find out!

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Podcasts New episode! ChampOwensChamp!, CWC, Smackdown Breakdown!


We talk all about the new Universal Champ, next round of the CWC, and a breakdown of this week’s Smackdown!

Podcasts Full SummerSlam and NXT TakeOver Brooklyn 2 reviews, Interview with Ross from WrestleFestival


We’re covering all the hits & misses from SummerSlam and everything after.  We also cover NXT Takeover: Brooklyn II. And we also had a special interview with Ross aka Captian Custody from WrestleFestival!

Podcasts SummerSlam, NXT TakeOver Brooklyn previews and more!


We’re previewing NXT Takeover: Brooklyn and WWE SummerSlam! We also talk about the CWC and ROH’s Death Before Dishonor!

Podcasts Another GLORIOUS episode! New MOTY canidiate? Itami return and more!


In this episode, Travis gets a “glorious” surprise as he, Chris, and Scott the Scot try to figure out just what was the point of Raw this week.  They all have a match of the week pick from the Cruiserweight Classic, which may even be a candidate for something even more.  NXT had a good week as they discuss a possible heel turn for Asuka, the long awaited debut of Bobby Roode, and the even longer awaited return of Hideo Itami!  They also talk about Conor McGregor, CM Punk, ACH, and lots more!  Check it out and enjoy!

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Podcasts Ultima Lucha review, CWC talk and more!


In this episode, Travis and Chris, along with special co-host Scott the Scot, *finally* get around to reviewing the last two episodes of Lucha Underground season two.  From there they all talk about last week’s episodes of NXT, the Cruiserweight Classic, and then Raw and Smackdown.  Was Ultima Lucha Dos as good as we thought it should’ve been?  What surprised us most from the CWC?  Two weeks into the brand split, which show is winning so far?  What mistakes were made on Smackdown?  We cover all that and more before we struggle to end the show on high note.  Could we?  Hit the download button to find out!